SERVPRO of Richland County Employee Photos

Man - General Manager at SERVPRO of Richland County

Philip Nave, Vice President, General Manager Columbia Operations

Phillip Nave is the General Manager at SERVPRO of Columbia. He is responsible for overseeing all company operations in Richland County from reconstruction and office production.

Phillip is a South Carolina native and has worked with SERVPRO since 2006.

Man in his 30s wearing white shirt

Zach Wilkerson, Business Development

Zach Wilkerson is the Commercial Sales and Marketing Manager for SERVPRO of Columbia. 

Woman in blue SERVPRO shirt - Penny Benkeser

Penny Benkeser, CEO


Man in black SERVPRO shirt - J. Daniel Cox

Danny Cox, CFO


man with buzzcut

John Tolin, Standards

J.T. has 20+ years of experience in the industry. He ensures that the work we do for our customers goes above and beyond industry standards. 

woman with dark hair

Jenn Loadholt, Vice President, Contents Operations

Jenn ensures that all of customers belongings are properly cleaned, catalogued, and safely stored. 

woman with red hair

Ashley Cox, Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Ashley is our Marketing and Communication Coordinator. She helps us build and maintain our digital and physical presence in our communities. 

nice man

Ralph Harris, Vice President, Mitigation Operations

Ralph manages all of our mitigation operations. He ensures that our customers get what they need to regain control of their lives and businesses. 

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